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Spray mops

Joytonbo spray mop - absolutly free your back

  • Just one simple squeeze the trigger on the top handle, spraying mist cleaning protect your floor from mildew, decay, seepage.

  • Spraying for wet use, no spraying for dry use 2 in 1 function design.

  • Ergonomic design extendable pole, adjust the best length for you, no bend down your back. ease for cleaning.

  • Effective in controlling the water mist, easy to use and efficient in cleaning

  • Save water and your efforts with the refillable 410ml container

  • One hand operation design, lightweight and easy to move around

  • Dry Rubbing,wiping waxing without change equipment for quickly cleaning.

360 Degree Rotate Mop Head

360 Swivel Mop Head design, Cleaning your house thoroughly.

It can reach out every corner of your place, like under the couch, wardrobe or bed and so on no hiding dirt in your house.

Specially designed Fan-shape Mist Pump

Its' fan-shaped spray nozzle is designed to spray evenly covering full width of the mop head while other's cylindrical shaped easily to splash around.

Finely sprays sufficient amount of mist which supplies enough moisture to clean your floors / windows.

Excellent Microfiber Mop Pad

Come with 3 pack microfiber mop pad, always have one pads available when other is in a washing.

Features excellent Water absorption performance and premium microfiber cloth to collect dust, hairs and debris easily, efficient and durable for wet and dry use.

Perfect for various floor cleaning like wooden floor, hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, cement, tile, laminate, stone and concrete floors

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